IDEX : international jury decision

A few days after the announcement of the IDEX labeling of the “Université Paris 2019” project, the international jury submitted its notes and recommendations to the project leaders.

Global appreciation of the project and area for improvement

This is a powerful new project constituting a well‐defined research‐intensive target university with a credible leadership and evidence of an ambitious trajectory that has support from a considerable proportion of its academic community. The target university is comprehensive, with a very strong health focus that is associated with excellentscience (especially mathematics, physics and earth sciences), and engineering,social sciences and humanities. The participating institutions have made major improvementsto their proposal with a clearer definition of a coherent perimeter. The resulting university will have global visibility, especially with the name ‘Université de Paris’. However, while the project is conceptually very mature in several areas there needsto be evidence ofsuccessful implementation and delivery of critical milestones especially merger at the beginning of 2019.

Research, education, and innovation Research A
Teachind A
Innovation B
Institutional transformation Target university A
Campus and student life B
International visibility B
Change management HR policy B
Partenerships B
Governance B
evaluation file

To know the details of the scores and recommendations issued by the jury: USPC • Evaluation par le jury international