The goal of the Université Paris 2019 project is to meet the education and research concerns of today’s society by pooling top level competencies and by working and innovating together in order to promote French excellence in Europe and across the globe.


The Université Paris 2019 project


Since 2012, the Sorbonne Paris Cité IdEx project has been strengthening the scientific and pedagogical links between the partner institutions and writing a common history.


For the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) and the Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot universities, their collaboration over the last few years has demonstrated a shared ambition based on three simple principles that define research universities today:


• excellence in research,
• quality and innovation,
• international prestige.


In a rapidly changing academic landscape both in France and internationally, the partners are convinced that the integration of academic institutions will enable them to better defend their purpose and raison d’être.
This union will produce an intensive research university that is highly visible on an international scale and is capable of agilely defending the development of our disciplines at the highest level:


• with a physics institute in the field of geosciences and natural hazards;
• with an extremely wide variety of disciplines from sciences to the humanities, backed up by top level research;

• with an exceptional potential in the field of health sciences which distinguishes us both in France and in Europe (25 to 30% of total French research in the field).

This extremely ambitious project is called Université Paris 2019.


Its success depends on two key factors:
– the capacity to design appropriate agile governance, at the service of a highly diversified academic consortium. Combining central governance bodies having a strategic global capacity with highly autonomous components will enable the necessary balance to be achieved.
– the development of horizontal scientific and pedagogical initiatives across faculties. The aim is to make full use of the wealth of disciplines among members of the academic consortium and develop an original education offering, from the bachelor’s degree through to the doctoral degree.
Depending on forecasts, this new university should rank 53rd place in the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities and be the leading French university in terms of publication impact.