The many abbreviations used can be confusing. Below are some explanations.



Commissariat général à l’investissement – General Investment Commission


Directed by Louis Schweitzer, the CGI manages the Future Investment Programmes (PIAs). It is attached to the Prime Minister. The French President announced the launch of the 3rd programme in 2016.



Programme des Investissements d’Avenir – Future Investments Programme


This programme is based on the principle of national calls for projects designed to select innovative projects of excellence with a high growth potential.  The projects below were launched in response to the call for projects.



Initiative of Excellence


Aim: to develop research universities of world repute with top-level scientific empowerment and impact in broad fields of knowledge. The first call for IdEx projects resulted in eight projects in France, including that of the Sorbonne Paris Cité Consortium.



Laboratory of Excellence


Aim: to select laboratories with international visibility and allocate them significant resources in order to put them on the same level as their foreign counterparts, attract researchers and teacher-researchers of international repute, and build a top-level integrated research, teaching and development policy.


100 LabEx projects in France / 9 for the Sorbonne Paris Cité Consortium including 3 attached to Paris Diderot: Who Am I?, Inflamex and UnivEarths


Facilities of Excellence


Aim: to provide France with quality facilities of intermediate size (that is, between 1 and 20 million euro) which would benefit all areas of research. The use of regularly updated scientific facilities that meet international standards has become, in most scientific disciplines, an essential prerequisite for competitiveness on an international level.

2 Sorbonne Paris Cité Consortium EquipEx facilities (DIME SHS and REFIMEVE)



Initiatives of Excellence in terms of innovative digital courses.


2 Sorbonne Paris Cité Consortium / IIFR (interdisciplinary research centre) Idefi projects and FORCCAST (exploring controversy).



University Teaching Hospital


Aim: to combine the functions of a university, a health establishment and a research body, with the triple aim of health care, research and teaching.

The ‘Institut Saint-Louis’ project has been awarded the ‘promising teaching hospital’ label and receives financial aid for specific projects from a budget of 35 million euro allocated to 6 ‘promising teaching hospitals’.




To create universities which showcase thematic scientific strengths that are more concentrated, distinctive and recognised on an international level, and which drive and support their development and partnership strategy with the economic world.


EUR Graduate School


Graduate School projects offer the possibility of strengthening the impact and international attractiveness of our academic institutions through the development of combined Master and Doctoral courses supported by one or several top-level research laboratories.

Two Graduate School projects submitted by the Sorbonne Paris Cité Consortium’s teams were among 29 winners (191 projects submitted). The Sorbonne Paris Cité Consortium is the leading Parisian consortium of academic institutions in terms of allocated funding, with two graduate school projects totalling 14 million euro.

The G.E.N.E. New Genetics and Epigenetics Graduate School pools the strengths of the Who Am I? LabEx (on identity determinants), the GR-Ex LabEx (red blood cell pathologies) and the innovative Paris Diderot-Paris Descartes magistère in Epigenetics.

The EURIP Graduate School for interdisciplinary research backed up by the CRI (Interdisciplinary Research Centre) and the IDEFI IIFR.