After several weeks of work and reflection, the scope of the new University has been finalised. The Paris Descartes and Paris Diderot universities and the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, which will keep its present legal status, have developed the project for a new University within the framework of the IdEx Excellence Initiative scheme.
The IdEx project proposed, now comprising only three institutions with long-established teaching and research practices, is considered to have the best chance of success.
The boards of directors of the institutions will be required to deliberate on the draft statutes of the new university and the IdEx project, which will be submitted on 18 December 2017 by the Sorbonne Paris Cité Consortium on behalf of the future University.




Draft statutes for the new university must be presented with the IdEx application in December 2017.
Three work groups have therefore been set up to draft the statutes:
  • A technical group, in which each institution is represented, is responsible for laying down the main principles of governance. The proposals of the technical group are validated by the presidents of the different institutions then transferred to the larger statutes group.
  • A statutes discussion group comprises the Vice-Chairs of the Boards of Directors of the universities, the department heads, members of the Boards of Directors and a member of the IPGP. Its goal is to discuss, amend and correct the proposals made by the technical group. This group is accompanied by two management services officers and general and legal affairs directors.
  • A discussion group run by the statutory chairs and vice-chairs brings together the heads of the component parts of the present institutions. Its aim is to define the component parts of the future university and the type of governance for each of them.


The target university and the IdEx project


Work on the Target University and IdEx projects is organised within a Project Group comprising the Presidents and Directors and a member of each institution.
Special teaching and research groups will meet to contribute to the scientific and pedagogical components of the IdEx project which have already been established collectively and to define new ones.


Construction of Université Paris 2019


The work relating to the actual construction of the target university will be resumed at the beginning of 2018. The sector-specific groups will start meeting in January 2018.
Thematic committees will be reorganised in January on the basis of a new mission statement.